team + corporate row

Did you know that group classes are a great way to build team spirit and replace the usual dinner + drinks outing?  With a group rowing class, we are all in the same boat, yet still individually challenged to be our best.  Contact us with your details and more information on bookings.



Maybe you are new to fitness and/or rowing and would like to learn in a relaxed, no-pressure environment.  Or you are looking to improve on your stroke and need a little individualized attention.  Perhaps you want to get further instruction on some of the other exercises you are doing in class.  Whatever your reasons or needs, we can address these during a private session.  And it makes a great gift for someone you love!


personal training

STUDIO ROW offers personal training services.  We will sit down with you to discuss your goals and obstacles, keep you on track and accountable to your program, and help get you the results you desire. We'll look at your lifestyle and eating habits, as all of these work together to create the healthiest version of you! Other services include food log with scheduled check-ins to make sure you are eating to fuel your body.  


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